Hola, Sneakers! Welcome to Episode 346 with our special guest Jason Dedrick! Jason came by to celebrate Christmas in July on the hottest day of the year in the hottest office in Vancouver.

This week on the show, a new – perhaps life-threatening – challenge; our ancestors; family secrets; amateur 1980’s music videos; wot!; grave boxing; the lonely shepherd vs. the swinging shepherd; whale tormentors; Jason;s official thanks; dense continuity; Justice League opinions; money-spinning failures; dead supermen; unfair advantages; the extroduction of Jimmy Olsen; don’t mess with Charles Schultz; comparative high school reading lists; reading Vonnegut; BJ and the Bear facts; disturbing books for little minds; naïveté; a Suite Life controversy; the Treasury of Wit and Wisdom; and, finally, the Top 5 cover songs that are better than the orginal as subjectively chosen by Dave.

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This week’s Top 5 Cover Songs That Are Better Than the Original as chosen by Dave:
1) “Hounds of Love” by Kate Bush from the 1980 album Hounds of Love and from the eponymous 1998 album by The Futureheads
2) “Morning Morgantown” by Joni Mitchell from the 1970 album Ladies of the Canyon and the originally unreleased version by Jude, which is currently available on the anthology Milk Of The Tree: Female Vocal Folk & Singer-Songwriters 1966-1973
3) “Poker Face” by Lady Gaga from the 2008 album The Fame and the Glee Cast (Lea Michele and Idina Menzel) from the 2010 album Glee: The Music, Vol. 3 – Showstoppers
4) “The French Girl” by Ian and Sylvia from the 1966 album Play One for Me and the originally unreleased Gene Clark 1966 single “Only Colombe”b/w”The French Girl” from the 1991 collection Echoes
5) “I Don’t Know Why” by Stevie Wonder from the 1968 album For Once in My Life and The Rolling Stones from the 1989 box set Singles Collection: The London Years

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Department of Corections:
Whoops! Dave misspoke when he said the Kat Bush song “Hounds of Love” was from the album The Kick Inside. It was actually from the album of the exact same name, Dave, you dummy!Hounds of Love! Oof! We blame the heat and also Dave.

And a simple bit of research revealed that “I Don’t Know Why aka I Don’t Know Why I Love You” was in fact on the 1975 collection of off-cuts and unreleased tracks Metamorphosis! Sigh…

(Dave really should do more research for this segment rather than talking out of his bum.)

Preston Sturges’ Christmas in July!

(Did we say with Barbara Stanwyck? Oh, the heat!)

Jason as the Lonely Shepherd on the 1991 Pacific Profiles Christmas Special:

David mixed up his shepherd songs! This is “The Lonely Shepherd”:

(You heard it in Kill Bill if you saw Kill Bill)

and this is “The Swinging Shepherd”: