Welcome, Sneaky friends, to the show that never ends! Sneaky Dragon Episode 350 listener’s questions and hosts’ answers!

Wow, this is  a long one, folks. We don’t recommend listening to it in one session. Podcast with care!

On the show this week, Ian and Dave update listeners on Ian’s housing quandary; and then answer questions about post-Sneaky Dragon podcast projects; surviving the apocalypse; how much money Ian makes; our favourite podcasts; our favourite unusual Beatles covers; the status of Dave’s deck; the state of the Sneaky Dragon menagerie; our top 5 Canadian musical artists; the Marx Brothers and the Stooges; the origin of Sneaky Dragon; our thoughts on the film Brain Donors; inappropriate sex material; getting rid of our beloved Queen; hitting the can; our successful podcast; broadening our audience; starting a podcast; the Dragons first impressions of each other; our favourite questions; Dave for his inconsistencies; Ian and his Twitter-ing; favourite new bands; visiting Ireland; making our own film franchise; morality; making a good sports movie; breakfast carbs; best utensils; clapping hands; spinach; adult possibilities; desert island books, movies and music; space travel; Laurel and Hardy feelings; latter-day Beatles; least favourite songs; movies that are better than their reputation; being a farrier; Ian’s workflow; good James Bond acting; passion; cat butts; horse spleens; their lovely wives; the flat earth; feeling for America; and, finally, dream places to live.

Wow! Thanks for the questions everyone! You make this one heck of a show every time!

And thanks for listening.

Who won this episode’s fabulous swag [t-shirt image to come]? Listen in to find out!