Hola, Sneakers! We’re a little late today, but that’s okay because it’s a really good show you had to wait way too long to listen to!

This week, Ian and Dave start backwards; sing novel summaries; need a Sparks theme song; go to New York City; hear Dave’s opinions; have a long walk spoiled; hear more of Dave’s opinions; discover who’s the bass; hear maybe too much of Dave’s opinions; find out they’re fired; let it go; normalize the bad; listen to lying liars; overthink and overfocus; diss Malcolm Gladwell; pit talent against hard work; receive a nice phone call; listen to Mr. Rogers; ask who is fast, good or easy to work with; do an unsponsored ad for Shake Shack; taste some food from the past; do an unsponsored ad for Nathan’s Hot Dogs; learn all about the New Yorker offices; see some New Yorker cartoonists; have an uncertain creative life; slog through their art; give the Oscars some tips; and, finally, investigate, venerate, and excoriate Liam’s Top Ten Movies list:

1. North by Northwest
2. Kill Bill: Vol. 2
3. The Birds
4. His Girl Friday
5. Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol
6. Finding Dory
7. Horse Feathers
8. Inglorious Basterds
9. Mother!
10. The Florida Project

Thanks for listening.