Hola, Sneakers. Welcome to Episode 372 with the third Dragon, Nina Matsumoto, returning for a little visit!

This week: enlightened Dave; high school hierarchies; uninformed Dave; somebody else’s nostalgia; living on borrowed WiFi; helpful Dave; useless space; useless handymen; boarding house rules; beer talk; remembering Clone High; behind-the-scenes at Sparks; curvy love; unseasonable warmth; lucky and unlucky moves; moving your junk; defending Marie Kondo; gift garbage; memory garbage; collecting garbage; what do we need; losing your Chiclets; Nina is short; unpaid IKEA ad; meeting Conan; making friends; Nina is funny; collecting versus hoarding; intermission; saucy ladies; prickly characters; Disney afternoons; after 372 episodes – St. Elsewhere (finally!); meditation versus prayer; death purges; English is great; Sneaky Dragon emoji; and, finally, fingernailed!

Thanks for listening.

Here is the tour of Don Rosa’s house Dave mentioned during the show. It’s in four parts, but here is the first: