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This week on the show: errant nonsense; excuses; favourites; kiddie mints; parental podcast approval; true crimes; tomato juice doesn’t work; gold flake scam; grizzled; edible brick; the “It” girl; the Bumblefucks; what a twist; best songs; terrible rap; self-argument; radio rock; revolting; true crimes (slight return); Siri-al; great puns don’t travel; Sneakers respond to last week’s Question of the Week; Dave is firestarter; adult frolics; forces of chaos; repetition; the empty streets of our town; memories; church jokes; cartoon scares; satanic powers; and, finally, power initials.

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Question of the Week: What is your favourite representation of the devil in pop culture?

Sub- question: What are your superpowers based on your initials?

Some of Ian and Dave’s favourite pop culture devils.

The Louvin Brothers from their album Satan Is Real: