Hola, Sneakers! And welcome to the Sneaky Dragon Episode 400 House Party!

This week we are joined by friends Louise Moon, Kathleen Gros, David Fine, Alison Snowden, Nick Park, Pia Guerra, Jason Dedrick, David M., and Nina Matsumoto!

On the show this week: a gaffe; a gift; Moby Detective; TV pet peeves; bold claims; noises off; strong opinions; little women; injured babies; tuning out; the joys of inking; over-sharing; visiting Vancouver; sexy birds; the George Segal question; awkward questions; strict landladies; awkward screenings; pedal power; Flintstones hospital; take no Prisoner; tough job; drawing gags; dulling your brain; dream job; whale watching; the spirit of Boxing Day; Toy Story ranked; commercial pet peeves; misunderstanding The Ring; Sinatra’s delivery; thieving octopuses; Paranormal Toy Story; CB radio; fighting a ghost; musical references; getting old; musician’s secrets; podcast proliferation program; Nina’s Sneaky Dragon cocktail; Sour Patch Kids-based video game; Chex yourself; mixed up; long-form podcasting; online criticism; monumental hot dog eating; stop-motion Sparks; and, finally, drinky Dragon.

Thanks for listening.

And thanks to all our guests for taking time out of their busy lives to come and talk with a couple of dum-dums.

  • Ian makes a heartfelt plea to Jason Dedrick
  • Louise’s Sneaky Dragon cookies abound.
  • Cookies, chips, and Sparks pins.
  • Detail shot of Sneaky Dragon cookie.
  • More candies and Lezah’s fruit tray with Sarah Walsh’s Sneaky Dragon centrepiece.
  • David Fine and Nick Park talk to Ian and Kathleen Gros.
  • Guests “patiently” wait their turn.
  • David and Ian talk to Kathleen.
  • David and Ian grill Alison Snowden, David Fine, and Nick Park
  • David attempts to control his broken mic.

Thanks to Nina for the pics!