Hola, Sneakers! Welcome to another great (subjective opinion) episode of the super-popular (factually incorrect) podcast (eh) Sneaky Dragon!

This week, it’s all: opening warm up; pred-ads; memorable mall,; pet proofing; the savages; murder in the hen house; cat names; face web; fruit flies; nature moves on; big water; cool pool; interminable walk; bussing it; humiliation; goofy question; Book of Lists; birthdays; French exit; too old to know you’re young; nothing learned is nothing gained; life is harder; zen or repression; stress effects; brownface, blackface, red face; real politics; apologies; more local TV kids show hosts; uncomfortable feelings; TV tapers; coasting on accents; scary trains and haunty houses; a fish story; golden tartar; and, finally, coo.

Thanks for listening.

Question of the Week: Is there something you did in the past – and it was okay – but you’re embarrassed about now?
Sub-question: Do you call those long-legged flying insects leatherjackets, crane flies or daddy long legs? Do you have regional names for insects that are particular to where you live?