Hola, Sneakers! Welcome to Episode 408 – the one we like to call “Comes before 409”.

This week on the show: skip the first ten minutes; throw something on the ice; disturbing accuracy; Ghostbusters obsessives; picky job description; Quark; can Mork and Mindy be fixed; debacle; poor Shelley Duvall; Westworld vs. Jurassic Park; governmental scolding; sauce gold; MacDonalds fun; wacky White Spot update; best burger; weight loss; Question of the Week – Sneakers respond; party ghost; sophisticated kids; breast coma; ready for reunion; and, finally, robot Dave.

Thanks for listening.

Question of the Week: What is something you enjoyed as a child that was rather sophisticated for your age?
Sub-question: What was a show that made it awkward for your family?

The McRoyal McShakespeare McPlayers as mentioned during this week’s show.

The first episode of Quark which we were surprised to learn was created by Buck Henry. Please be warned: 1970’s sensibilities ahoy!