Hola, Sneakers! Welcome to episode of 415 – the episode before 416!

This week on the show: who is who; Heaven’s car crash; Ryan Reynold came so close; who’s to blame; beware the script in the desk; so many questions about Hardcastle and McCormick; list of the week: Stephen J. Cannell; bee rules; sexy crimes; what was J.J. Starbuck about; Magnum’s ghost; a new Fantasy Island; Saturday night’s alright; background jiggle; slow porn; bad Superman; our overlords; nostalgia is what it ain’t to be; when the cats away, the mice watch TV; hairiest movie; the real mystery; a tennis shoe wearing computer; a hoodie is not a jacket; a strange choice; exploring the black hole; lonely days; nerd-dar; 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea; Kurt Russell’s first film; good double bill; how to be a shaggy dog; where are all the black holes; Question of the Week – Sneakers respond; scary movies; some poetry; bothering God; exploding blimp; overwhelming films, Dave fixes Full Metal Jacket; and, finally, Chick Talk™ returns!

Question of the Week: Did you subscribe to Disney Plus? What are looking forward to watching?
Sub-question: Have you ever saved an animal’s life?
Sub-sub-question: Is there a film that needs fixing? Fix it!

And remember, this the last week of our contests: Do the impossible: describe Sneaky Dragon in thirty words or less as though you’re describing the show to your friend (or mortal enemy) and win a Sneaky Dragon grab bag!

Thanks for listening.