Hola, Sneakers! Welcome to Episode 419 of SNeaky Dragon – the only dragon-themed podcast not related to Dungeons and Dragons!

This week: getting comfortable; having feelings; a tribute to a swell guy; when is Christmas?; time to talk Halloween music; “The Monster Mash” is all we need: vampire rules; seasonal songs; thoughts on “Last Christmas”; the proposal trap; touching stories; “Love is…” weird; Ziggy’s dark thoughts; the better Tom Wilson; sleep activities; meta dreams; a Ghostbusters theory (and some side theories); believe it or not: a silly joke: technology vs storytelling; old vs new video games; limitations are the strength; practical and CGI effects; editing in animation; when CGI becomes who cares; it’s good because it rhymes; cool leftovers; a chair-based movie; TV crisis; body control; Question of the Week – Sneakers respond; scrupulous ethics and morals; more insanity; more dentistry; mirror, mirror; round circles; and. finally, old and blind.

Question of the Week: Can you name a film or TV series improved by technology?
Sub-question: What is your favourite era of animation?

Thanks for listening.

Here is the video with the incredible dancer Dave mentioned during the show: