Hola, Sneakers. Welcome to the podcast that made it to episode 423!

This week on Sneaky Dragon: us be us; open creeps; people saturation; help reviews; learn boredom; lawn maintenance saturation point; frugal youth; arts and entertainment; passing fame; musical life span; stick up for the love children; edgy host; truck-driving apes; shut up. actor; crazy famous; blue-collar profession; magic hands; disparagement; anti-intellectuals; whack-a-celebrity; the cornered persona; colleges aren’t funny anymore; Question of the Week – Sneakers respond; good guy Dracula; time for a beard; horn dog penis; TV recommendations; stabbing is bad; TV unrecommendations; best lines for me; maudlin Muppets; strange kids show moments; Captain Kangaroo nerd; stressed-out brain food; recharging time; and, finally, some band recommendations.

Question of the Week: When did you stop listening to another podcast and why? (Obviously the original question was why did you stop listening to Sneaky Dragon, but I guess no one will answer that question.)
Sub-question: What is something from your childhood that will soothe your stressed-out brain?

Thanks for listening.

Here is a “Good morning, captain” supercut ending in a VERY 70s bubblegum-country theme song:

The appearance by Big Bird at Jim Henson’s funeral: