Hola, Sneakers. Welcome to the podcast about art and poo. We’ve got it all covered. With poo.

Thia week on the show: fresh start; bar band; the miracle of Emmet Otter’s Jugband Christmas; creepy Mummenschanz; many Tom Sawyers; ape-mania; staking out Stake Out; too much TV; making murder easy; Dexter was silly; Judge Justice; old books aren’t for kids anymore; other Mark Twain books; travelling with Gulliver; development of the novel redux; The Swiss Family Robinson vs. Robinson Crusoe; Daniel Defoe guesswork; bad doctors; Star Trek is gross; shit on the floor; gone viral; medicinal cosplay; Dr. Giggles mix up; Darkman trivia; two different ideas of “crazy”; Sam Raimi, actor; extra Ian; KFC is overrated; Ian’ altered reality; too pimply; Little Chicks on the Prairie; bloody Bloody Mary; Alan Alda shows up; Ian’s mystery date; M*U*S*H and other Uncle Croc’s Block shows; Stephen King on the TV; gluten and celiac disease; fake recipes; Question of the Week – Sneakers respond; over doing art museums; pissed off by Piss Christ; the objective and subjective value of art; dirty dog; in context; dog robot; Lady Starbuck; and, finally, the X-Men and their sushi.

Thanks for listening.

Question of the Week: What is something cultural that a parent or guardian took you to see that had a big effect on you? For good or bad.
Sub-question: Who is your favourite (classical or modern) “fine” artist?

How not to cook that with How to Cook That: