Hola, Sneakers. Welcome to Episode 437 – the show they couldn’t hang. Of get the hang of.

This week: a couple of long hairs; new podcast: “The Story Ruiners”; bribeable dwarf; bowdlerizing for dollars; an empty world; (not those) Avengers theory; wild, wild inventory; surprise twist surprise; infinite garbage channel; Roddy McDevil, seminal scary clown; tiny Liberace; The Dunwich Horror and heroic oldies; horrific endings; zoned out; don’t fear the other; it’s not the flu; protesting the protesters; freedom of stupidity; nirvana is a state of band; passive-aggressive proposal; future Deck Talk™; barbecue chickens; Chick Talk™; egg hunt success; asking for it; bird action; the trapped in a bucket rule; stop shining on; setting the pace; the redundancy of horror; Top 10 All-Time Box Office Horror Movies; Question of the Week – Sneakers respond; music in the night; give in to the id; de-lesbianized; book haters; be careful where you start; space miscegenation; boarding school capers; new podcast: “We’ll Fill You In”; agoraphobia; CoviD.I.Y; promises, promises; and, finally, the Fantasy Island challenge.

Thanks for listening.

Well, we have a few things we expect Sneakers to do this week. First, as usual, we’d like you to answer our…

Question of the Week: Have you had the opportunity to make or build anything during the lockdown?
Sub-question: What is the movie, TV show, book, etc. that scared you when you were young?

Then: we’d like you to recommend a movie for David and Ian to watch for Fansplainers. Are only request is the movie must be available on Netflix, Amazon Prime or Disney Plus. We’ll take your suggestions and have Sneakers vote which one they’d like us to fansplain!

And last, but not least:
Don’t miss out on your chance to **WIN WIN WIN** That’s right! Our 450th episode is fast approaching and we will be hosting our traditional Listeners’ Questions Episode! Every question gives you a chance in our GRAND PRIZE DRAW. The more questions you ask, the better your chances to win! So get to asking!

Send your list of questions by email to sneakyd@sneakydragon.com. If you’d like, record your questions, send us an audio file, and we’ll play it during the show. Fun, right???

Ian recommended Ryan North’s To Be or Not to Be during the show. You can learn about it here.

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Want to join in David and Ian’s Fantasy Island Challenge? You can start with Part 1 on YouTube!