Hola, Sneakers. This week on Sneaky Dragon, friend of the show and Third Dragon Nina Matsumoto virtually drops by for a visit.

Nina, Ian and Dave talk: a big wave; premature gesticulation; angry Nick Park; British disconnect; I’m not here; mainstream taste; comedy nerds; talky TV; snobby taste; too impersonal; catching up; sourdough tips; pancake mix-up; nervous talker; no money, mo’ problems; okay with it; Otter nominated; lucky lockdown; well-stocked; self-intoxication; dry perogies; we all scream for cream cheese; food substitution; secret menus; house disruption; Nina news; Canadian measurements; remote marriage; father of the sloth; pro-marriage; stabbing area; nerd balance; a parrot’s life for me; wait and hurry up; the getaway; griping abpout sniping; who is that masked man; Question of the Week – Sneakers respond; practical audiophile corner; Tom and Jerry and Willy and Me; chocolate avalanche; third times a chore; and, finally, aw shucks.

Thanks for listening.

Question of the Week: Have you ever been apart from someone you love? What did you do about it?
Sub-question: What’s your favourite bread or bun?
Sub-sub-question: Do you like your perogies “dry”?

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Interested in some Sparks merch? Check out Nina’s fabulous design here.

Thank you, Caanan, for this sweet chocolate haul!

Here is the lovely sketch Caanan drew in Dave’s copy of the book!

Here is the nifty mechanism that lifts the CD out of the Mobile Fidelity CD case!

And, last and most certainly least, a couple of clips from Tom and Jerry and Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory: