Hola, Sneakers. Welcome to Episode 446 – only four more shows until our whopping big Episode 450!

This week: we’ve got notes; free range; reciprocity; Canadian vuvuzelas; hierarchical empathy; sensitive; true lies; alligator pie; junior readers; best review ever; ex-change; big pennies; pod covered; stand-in peppers; purity boobs; seasonal beaches; be a big jerk; original flavours; stubbies; Old Style; no molestation guaranteed; what? no beer; adrenaline related injuries; improv improvement; bad grooming; what Christopher Hitchens really meant; men kissing on stage; lesbian watchers; same old, dame old; Question of the Week – Sneakers respond; and much, much more! (It was a really long show this week!)

Thanks for listening.

Question of the Week: If you had a sibling, what was the most common thing you fought about?
Sub-question: Tell us about a childhood injury.

Don’t miss out on your chance to WIN WIN WIN

That’s right! Our 450th episode is fast approaching and we will be hosting our traditional Listeners’ Questions Episode! Every question gives you a chance in our GRAND PRIZE DRAW. The more questions you ask, the better your chances to win! So get to asking!

Send your list of questions by email to sneakyd@sneakydragon.com. If you’d like, record your questions, send us an audio file, and we’ll play it during the show. Fun, right???

Here is a sweet pic of a stubby beer bottle with the Old Style beer label that is so dear to Dave’s heart.

Muhammad Ali vs. a straw.

Not just peanut-flavoured peanut butter!