Hola, Sneakers. Welcome to the Episode 460 of the podcast that introduced the concept of ghosting!

This week: haste waste; time travelling; it’s all about Vietnam; a Dahl’s house; let’s all read Kathleen Gros’ Jo; petty; a Top 10 Kids Books rundown; Terry Fox; burrower worms trilogy; bad gift getter; mean girls; the orange shirt; show interruption #1: let’s all check out Sarah Walsh’s YouTube channel; interruption #2: we’re not here to promote Table Top Tiddies; the problem with the comics industry; EC Comics; superhero boom and bust; the real Golden Age; the ideal market; “mature” readers; the cure for a problem that doesn’t exist; content farms; so long, comics shops; targeted audiences; the perils of fan fic; two-fisted teen romance; yukking it up; paging Dr. Superman; the most important thing; the ideal comic shop; intro to Asterix; Howard the Duck mania; comic strip page changes; jumbles; a lesson in sarcasm; the high cost of schooling; over-zealous; our listeners are smart; gnomes; the art teacher bullet; listener recommendation: The Goes Wrong Show; invasive wallabies; be proud; no Ed today; jerk mail; and, finally, a real coincidence.

Thanks for listening.

Question of the week: Comic fans, what makes a good comic book store? Not a comic book fan? What would convince you to visit a comic book store?
Sub-question of the week: Comic fans, what is your favourite non-superhero comic book character? (You can insert a comic strip character into your answer if that’s your bag.)

Here’s a sample of Sarah’s aka Earth Immigrant’s channel content – this week she trickily plays along with herself! (Hope you don’t mind us posting this, Sarah!)