Hola, Sneakers. Welcome to the Episode 461 of the podcast also know as the un-podcast!

This week: bad self-promotion; wrong Nina; teacher’s pets; Pages and Panels; open phone plan; animated Karate Kid; fathers & daughters; white bread music; synchronous; generations gap; not the Bad Bee; Death, the Devil, the Angel and Amy Smart; stunt food; proud meat eaters; busted; gooey butter cake; a big NO to baking; pie secrets; the one bad cookie; treats request; slow cooked sake; Canadian Thanksgiving; speaking of triplicates; school funding; dream comics shop; hot take comics talk; ghost school; Tarzan, king of the operas; the ultimate comics authority; Merrill Markoe’s graphic novel; the not-great American novel; and, finally, surprise endings.

Thaks for listening.

Question of the week: Have you ever been in an awkward or potentially dangerous situation on public transit? What did you do? What did you think should be done?
Sub-question of the week: Tell us about a book that opened up a new world of reading for you.

The podcast so nice we linked to it twice! Make sure you head on over to Pages and Panels in your most favouritest podcast player and check out Ian, Nina (Matsumoto), and David’s wide-ranging discussion of writing, drawing and colouring Sparks! Follow this link!