Hola, Sneakers. Welcome to the podcast that is 462 episodes into hiting its stride!

This week: almost perfect; garden variety exploding bodies; who will inform the children; sibling resentment; early memories; leaves on a tree; old-fashioned racial epithets; animals mean no; bad apples; fresh food; boil your boiling water; gift cake; sorry, but Dave’s family doesn’t want to hear his work stories either; there’s a limit; collecting vs. hoarding; book value; mean clean; the neighbours run our lives; pools are cool; porn brat; fucking 8 to 4; jazz screw; starstones and jet-treks; more busted; musicianly mix-ups; a dollop of Trollope; the sun also sets; super thoughts; and, finally, fake Canadian high school.

Thaks for listening.

Question of the week: What were the rules about keeping the house clean when you were growing up? Were your parents strict clean freaks or somewhat easier going? Are you the same as your parents or did you react against them?
Sub-question of the week: Do superhero movies work for you? If so, which one do you connect with the most?
Sub-sub-question: Flintstones or Jetsons?