Hola, Sneakers! Welcome to Episode 479 of the podcast that started the dance revolution! That’s right! Sneaky Dragon started the dance revolution.

This week on the show: Pepperland; moonlighting pharmacists; Molly’d out; prankster friend; “It’s Not For You!”; chocolate bar-based measuring system; chatty tradesmen; well done, Richard Benjamin; praise for “My Favorite Year”; inopportune blackface; it’s only up from looking at a glass of pee; the Snider cut is the deepest; popular villains; Halle-boo-ya!; bat jobs; Oswald the unlucky rabbit; animated names; Bob and John Denver, brothers; alternate Peppers; bloke coke; vintage toothpaste; sex with your mouth; our newest sponsor; Dork Shadows – your everthing Dark Shadows podcast; Ian quasi-recommends The Protector; Question of the Week – Sneakers respond; fixing Star Wars; Groundhog Gay; the one with the most stuff wins; Gamesparks; Othello – the game of the Moors; now that’s what I call fansplaining; how to fix Brazil; Ferris Bueller fan theory nonsense; jack jumps; Nana Uno; supersitter; more “Was The Prisoner actually Dangerman” controversy; oulipo; racing demon, anyone?; fixing Kingsman; fixing Back to the Future; and, finally, a fond see you soon.

Thanks for listening.

Question of the week: Who’s your favourite vampire? Do you have a least favourite?
Sub-question: What is your favourite film featuring a popular international star making their Hollywood debut?
Sub-sub-question: What would you suggest for a future Question of the Week?

Dept. of Advertising:

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Dave’s “helpful” chart of Dark Shadows characters:

Ian loves this board game. Dave has honestly never heard of it!