Hola, Sneakers! Welcome to Episode 498 of the world’s first all-male podcast!

This week: in the Ikea maze; Callax: don’t do it; Body Double; kinky de Palma; Hollywood doubles; quintuples; octuples; reality broods; the Ben Vereen rundown; the transparent man; big Sarah Silverman fan; funny people lifespans; decimalate; the importance of being in earnest; The Paragon of Comedy; superhuman prince; Dave blames Larry Graham; Sparks vs Sparks!; pardon the interruption; the 3-hour sleep plan; Question of the Week – Sneakers respond; cup of nonsense; mortification; stodgy train; who gives a shit; sexy Ghostbusters; birds of a feather attract opposites; secrets of the library; and, finally, we’re not your boss.

Question of the week: What movie has a great scene it, but is not a great movie?
Sub-question: Name your own piece of Ikea furniture.

Here is the wonderful song that Chris Roberts wrote to celebrate Sneaky Dragon Listening Party. Please check it out. It’s really great!

Here is the The Paragon of Comedy that Ian recommended during the show:

Sonny versus Cher versus David Letterman (the segment begins around 34:00 minutes in):

Endlessly talented people. Ben Vereen entertains: