Hola, Sneakers! Welcome to Episode 508 of the newly FDA approved podcast Sneaky Dragon!

This week: we’ve lost track; a bit more Snake Eyes; lost in film; clever exposition; make it like reading the book; a whole lotta LOTR; Hey, Ralph Bakshi; the ol’Mines of Moria bit; shock and awwwwww; slapstick police brutality; slowest show; unlevel superhero playing field; who’s Johnny Spilts; we don’t recommend Reminiscing; you can’t escape your film past; don’t get clever; hypocritic; look-a-like; the problem with narration; the first booty call; the Sherlock Holmes exception; costume films; laughing in spite of oneself; comedy-horror is tricky; best family; back brothers; Dork Shadows- A Night in the Mausoleum; Question of the Week- Sneakers respond; and much, much more!

Question of the Week: What’s your favourite animated film that’s not a Disney film?
Sub-question of the Week: What’s your favourite (fictional) mystery?

Thanks for listening.