Hello, our music loving friends, and welcome to Episode 12 of Sneaky Dragon Listening Party. We hope you’re ready to curl up in your favourite chair with your favourite drink at hand and listen to some great music.

This episode we finish up Thomas Callaway’s three-disc set of mixtapes with side 2 of disc three, featuring such fabulous songs as:

  1. Marshall Crenshaw – “Mary Anne” – Marshall Crenshaw, 1982
  2. Rockpile – “Play That Fast Thing One More Time” – Seconds of Pleasure, 1980
  3. Sergio Mendes and Brasil ’66 – “Scarborough Hill” – The Fool on the Hill, 1968
  4. Knife in the Water – “Sent You Up” – Plays One Sound and Others, 1997
  5. Jeffrey Frederick and the Clamtones – “Stolen Guitar” – Spiders in the Moonlight, 1977
  6. Love – “The Castle” – Da Capo, 1966
  7. Laura Viers – “Icebound Stream” – Carbon Glacier, 2004
  8. Sparklehorse – “Hammering the Cramps” – Vivadixiesubmarinetransmissionplot, 1995
  9. Illinois Speed Press – “Here Today” – Illinois Speed Press, 1969
  10. Sufjan Stevens – “The Transfiguration” – Seven Swans, 2004

Thanks for listening.

And as always, when we finish up a mixtape I like to post a downloadable version of it so listeners can listen at home if they want. Please follow this link here.