Hello, fellow music diggers, and welcome back to Sneaky Dragon Listening Party! The podcast made with love – and also bits of string.

We have enough chairs and a big sofa for everyone today. Mary is in charge of the turntable, and Dave has some cold Cokes and a bowl of chips to share so sit down and join us as we take a listen to side two of Liam Penton’s Dave-curated mixtape:

But before we get to side two, let’s take care of some old business: last episode we missed a couple of tracks from side one of Liam’s mix so Dave and Mary take a look at proto-bubblegum hit “Western Union” by The Five Americans and the fabulous psych-pop single “Say You Don’t Mind” by Denny Laine (pre-Wings, but post-Moody Blues).

Then it’s on to new business with side two of Liam’s mixtape:

  1. Elvis Costello – “Crawling to the USA” – Taking Liberties, 1980
  2. GOAT – “Let It Bleed” – World Music, 2012
  3. White Denim – “At the Farm” – D, 2011
  4. Real Estate – “Talking Backwards” – Atlas, 2014
  5. The David – “Light of Your Mind” – from the single “Light of Your Mind”/”Please Mr. Policeman”, 1969
  6. The Tages – “I Read You Like an Open Book” – from the single “I Read You Like an Open Book”/”Halcyon Days”, 1968
  7. Gal Costa – “Deus É o Amor” – Gal Costa, 1969
  8. The Wedding Present – “Brassneck” – Bizarro, 1989
  9. Stereolab – “Vonal Declosion” – Margarine Eclipse, 2004
  10. Tavares – “It Only Takes a Minute” – In the City, 1975
  11. The Bubble Puppy – “Hot Smoke and Sasafrass” – A Gathering of Promises, 1969
  12. Samantha Jones – “Today Without You” – A Girl Named Sam, 1970
  13. Avi Buffalo – “Remember Last Time” – Avi Buffalo, 2010

And one final note: Just as on side one where we replaced the instrumental track “Maiden’s Milk” by the Meat Puppets with “Up on the Sun” – another Meat Puppets song; we replaced “Tossing and Turning” – a pretty great song by The Ivy League – with “Today WIthout You” – an even better (we think) song. We wanted something to make the transition between “Hot Smoke and Sasafrass” and “Remember Last Time” work better.

And, yeah, the show is long, but it’s MUSIC, MUSIC, MUSIC!!!

Thanks for listening!