Hello, musical friends, welcome to Episode 7 of our little party podcast. We have good news! Mary is back in “Stu-stu-studio” to talk more music with us this week. Also, a big controversy this week. Tune in to the end of the show and listen to the fuss!

In other news, we have made Disc 2 of Nick Pond’s mix tape available for downloading. Follow this link to a zip file and you can listen to the mixtape as it was meant to be heard – in other words, no interruptions from Dave or Mary.

If you enjoyed Karen Dalton’s track on this week’s mixtape, you may enjoy listening to this BBC radio documentary about her. Fascinating stuff! And what a talent!

This week’s episode features Side 1 of Thomas Callaway’s first mix tape (of three) featuring:

  1. Felt – “Grey Streets” – Forever Breathes the Lonely Word, 1986
  2. The New Pornographers – “Mutiny, I Promise You” – Challengers, 2008
  3. Field Music – “All You’d Ever Need to Say” – Field Music, 2010
  4. Sufjan Stevens – “No Shade in the Shadow of the Cross” – Carrie and Lowell, 2015
  5. Local Rabbits – “The Deal” – Basic Concept, 1998
  6. Belle and Sebastian – “If You Find Yourself Caught in Love” – Dear Catastrophe Waitress, 2006
  7. Michael Hurley – “O My Stars” – Snockgrass, 1980
  8. Karen Dalton – “Something on Your Mind” – In My Own Time, 1971
  9. Destroyer – “The Sublimation Hour” – Streethawk: A SeductionI, 2001
  10. Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks – “1% of One” – Pig Lib, 2003

We also played some supplementary tracks this week, such as:

  1. Television – “Venus” – Marquee Moon, 1978
  2. Papa Too Sweet and Harry Jones – “(Honey) It’s Tight Like That” – Roots’n’Blues – The Retrospective, 1925-1950, 1992
  3. Jo Ann Kelly (with John Fahey) – “Shave ‘Em Dry” – Retrospective, 1990

Thanks for listening.