Helloooo Detroit, MI & Amsterdam, Netherlands and Basementeers all over............

Yes here we are again, ready to travel around the world once more. We have been exp[experimenting with playing songs from groups around the world.

We think it's a great things to play bands from various countries that might not be heard in other parts of the world. We feel were doing a neat concept by bringing these groups to the masses all over the world. Yes were going to do more of these...

Songs will be from the bands like: Black Sheep / Them / Rocking Horse / Lombard / The Autographs and Rossy...

So yes we will have bands from various countries from planet Earth....so here we go rockin' around the world one more time.

Intro: Locomotive-Passport

  1. While I'm Still Young-The Autographs (England)
  2. Take Me Now- Fitsland (South Korea)
  3. Jumbo-Pierre Groscolas (France)
  4. Two In The Face Of Danger-Kenji Sawada (Japan)
  5. I Want You Tonight-Rocking Horse (United States)
  6. Under The bed-Black Sheep (Italy)
  7. TV Overdose-Soda Stereo (Argentina)
  8. High Class In Borrowed Shoes-Max Webster (Canada)
  9. Gimmy Your Love-The Teens (Germany)
  10. Time Out For Time in-Them (Ireland)
  11. African Spearhead--Jorge Ben (Brazil)
  12. Kiss Me-Yuri (Mexico)
  13. Rock & Roll Stars-Lombard (Poland)
  14. She Is Waiting-Nautilus Pompilius (Russia)
  15. Keep Yourself Depressed-Pureletso Seema & The Coal Mine (South Africa)
  16. Prem Naga Men-K.L. Saigal (India)
  17. Yacht Veyachali-Ofra Haza (Israel)
  18. Blessed Cumbia-The Wawanco (Peru)
  19. I Cole In A Party-Mecano (Spain)
  20. Souareba-Salif Keita (Mali)
  21. Everywhere I See You-Yorio (Ecuador)
  22. Loyle-Kanda Borgorman (Congo)
  23. Song Of Ascents-Karlssons (Sweden)
  24. Chebba-Cheb Khaled (Algiria)
  25. If Your Still Here-Rossy (Madagascar)
  26. Bolingo-Maurice Poto Doudongo (Zaire)
  27. Foriegner-Sauvas Berger (Finland)
  28. Outro: Somg Of India-Roy Lanham

Time Approx: 2 Hours

It's back and were going to promote it and see what happens...If you want to send us a line. you can get us at: Songsfromthebasement35@gmail.com

Let us know your out there we would love to hear from you, if that doesn't work you can get us on facebook.