Hello Beatleteers......

Yes that's our name for anyone who still love this band, and can't get enough of there music. Well This is a special show and yes on the third Wednesday of every month we will have a new Beatle concept or related to the Beatles, it should be a fun experience.

So on this show we will be playing music from the Beatles, solo Beatles and other artist from the Apple label ect... So tune in and have a listen...

Intro: She Loves You-George Martin Orch.

  1. Little Child-The Beatles
  2. Kansas City-Pete Best
  3. Yellow Submarine-The Black Dyke Mills Band
  4. Sour Milk Sea-Jackie Lomax
  5. Love Me Do-Badfinger
  6. Were On Our Way-Chris Hodge
  7. Don't Let Me Wait Too Long-George Harrison
  8. Not A Second Time-Robert Palmer
  9. Intuition-John Lennon
  10. Waiting For The Sunrise-Yoko Ono
  11. Getting Better-The Beatles
  12. Lend Me Your Comb-Carole Huges
  13. The Word-The Beatles
  14. It Wont Be Long-The Cliffs Over Lavender Hill
  15. Devil Woman-Ringo Starr
  16. Carolina On My Mind-James Taylor
  17. Little Woman Love-Wings
  18. My Dark Hour-The Steve Miller Band
  19. Old Brown Shoe-The Beatles
  20. God Save Us-The Elastic Oz Band Outro: She Loves You-The George Martin Orch.