Hellooo Jazzmenteerzzz....

On this episode of BJ we have music from: Lou FDonaldson / Harold Budd / Camel / Clark Terry and Jimmy Smith and a few more...

So here we go again....

Intro: Jingle Jangle-Ron Frangipane

  1. Blue, Blue Day-Don Gardner
  2. Manhattan-The Manhattan Brass Choir
  3. We Can Make It-Jimmy Smith
  4. Cloak & Dagger-The Heath Brothers
  5. Rock & Rhythm-Clark Terry
  6. Love Power-Lou Donaldson
  7. Chain Reaction-The Crusaders
  8. South American Getaway-Craig Hundly
  9. A Slight Smile-Ron Carter
  10. The Kiss-Harold Budd
  11. Ice-Camel
  12. Twinkles-Chase Outro: Rum & Tequila-Stix Hooper

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