Helloooo Metal Heads all over ...

This week were rockin' around the universe again in what we call SPACE METAL.

We will play trax from : Eloy / KISS / Trooper / Iron Maiden ect....

So were spacing out thru music this week...

BTW: Thank you all for turning Basement Metal into a Hit Show in just 1 month. We hope you all are licking something in every show. Thank you again for tuning in...lots more to come. !!!!!

Intro: Stargate-Starcastle

  1. Let Me Down-String Drivin' Thing
  2. Cool The Engines-Boston
  3. Live From The Moon-Trooper
  4. Fazers On Stun-F.M.
  5. Stranger In A Strange Land-Iron Maiden
  6. Brave New World-The Steve Miller Band
  7. Brave New World-The Public Eye
  8. Creatures Of The Night-KISS
  9. Master Of Sensation-Eloy
  10. Jack Of Shadows-Hawkwind
  11. Master Of The Land-Siren
  12. School Day-Triumirat
  13. Thousand Feet Below You-The Golden Earing Outro: Nova-Starcastle

Time Approx: 60 Minutes