Hellooo Metal Heads...
Are U ready 2 rokkkkkk ?????...
Ok we have more songz 4 ya....

On this one, we have stuff from: The Hellcats / Skid Row / Queensriche / The Darkness ect...

OK nuf said, heer we go....

Intro: Opa Loka-Hawkwind

  1. Secondary Motion-Michael Shenkar Band
  2. I believe In A Thing Called Love-The Darkness
  3. Don't Ever Wanna Lose Ya-New England
  4. Revolution Calling-Queensriche
  5. Love Was Meant To Last Forever-John Norum
  6. Hollywood-Girl
  7. Out Of Control-The Eagles
  8. Shadows Are Falling-Randy
  9. So I Danced-Zebra
  10. The Color Of Right-Rush
  11. Youth Gone Wild-Skid Row
  12. Runaways In The Night-Nick Gilder
  13. Heaven-Warrent
  14. It's Alright-The Hellcats Outro: Iron Dream-Hawkwind

Time Approx: 60 Minutes