Hellooo Metalheads all over...U know who and where U are......

Today we have another great show for you featuring songs from: Saxon / Def Leppard / WASP / Overdrive and a few more.

So what more can we do buy get rockin'...

Into: Opa Loka-Hawkwind

  1. Lay It Down-Ratt
  2. Rock Love-Steve Miller Band
  3. Wild Child-WASP
  4. I Don't Know What I Want-The Raspberries
  5. The King Is Dead-Hellstar
  6. Loving You Sunday Morning-The Scorpions
  7. On The Run-Overdrive
  8. Number Player-Machine
  9. Nightmare-Venom
  10. Brainstorm-Hawkwind
  11. Broken Heroes-Saxon
  12. Fast Road To Nowhere-Great White
  13. No Matter What-Def Leppard
  14. Secret Messages-Electric Light Orchestra Outro: Iron Dream-Hawkwind

Time Approx: 60 Minutes