Helloo Metal Bangers all over...

Well here is your weekly show once again.
We will play songs from: Motorhead / Crash Street Kids / White Lion / AC-DC and more.

So turn your system up were ready to ROCK !!!

Intro: Opa Loka-Hawkwind

  1. Change It-Stevie Ray Vaughn
  2. Love On The Rocks-Poison
  3. Let Me Live My Life-707
  4. Hard Time-Kik Tracee
  5. Fortune Hunter-The Firm
  6. Why Trust You-Alice Cooper
  7. Shake It Up-The Crash Street Kids
  8. Rattlesnake Shake-Skid Row
  9. Love Me Like A Reptile-Motorhead
  10. All Join Our Hands-White Lion
  11. Forever Young (The Wild Ones)-Bo Deans
  12. Night Attack-Angel City
  13. Wheels-AC/DC
  14. Reckless-Sammy Hagar Outro: Iron Dream-Hawkwind

Time approx: 60 Minutes