Hello Metaaalll Fanzzzz....

We have an older show from our caveman days lol...but still a goodies..Were in the mids of making new Mettaaall shows were about to post but this weeks ago that was slated for posting was not what I wanted to post, it was recorded right, so I am recalling the show and we will get that one dressed up right and will be posted along with the others were planning now.

Sooo on this show we have music from: Thunder / David Bowie / 3 Man Army / Great White and more.....

So GIT ready to rockkkk...

Intro: Opa Loka-Hawkwind

  1. Detroit Diesel-Alvin Lee
  2. Fast Road-Great White
  3. My Size-John Entwistle
  4. Radar Rider-Riggs
  5. What's My Name-3 Man Army
  6. Queen Bee-Grand Funk Railroad
  7. Dirty City-Gamma
  8. It Rained All Night-Alice Cooper
  9. Let Him Run-Night Ranger
  10. Girls Going Out Of Their Heads-Thunder
  11. Prefabricated-Trust
  12. Baby's On Fire-David Lee Roth
  13. Shoot Down The Rail Road Man-Crashing Dream
  14. Something Warm-Rick Derringer
  15. Hot Smoke & Sassafras-The Bubble Puppie
  16. Holy, Holy-David Bowie Outro: Iron Dream-Hawkwind