Welcome Metaaaalll Hedzzzz

We have a classic Metall show today, Yes we are prepping more new mattalll showzz just not done yet...BUT...We bring you one of our early shows, see how far we ca,e from 2 years ago.

So on this episode we have songs from: Dokken / KIX / Fastway / Paradox and a few more.... sooo letz go on our musical cruzzzzz......

Intro: Opa Loka-Hawkwind

  1. Wicked Rock & Roll-Paradox
  2. Bad Boys-Great White
  3. Trick Or Treat-Fastway
  4. Madeline-Winger
  5. Love On The Rebound-The Dodgers
  6. Into The Fire-Dokken
  7. Last Action Hero-Tesla
  8. We're Gonna Groove-Led Zeppelin
  9. The Right To Rock-Keel
  10. Under The Gun-Aldo Nova
  11. Dry Your Eyes-Kix
  12. Stratosphere-Cell
  13. Free To Live-The Firm
  14. Don't Tell Me You Love Me-Nightranger Outro: Iron Dream-Hawkwind