Hellooo Metallll Heeddzzzz.....

Ok ready 2 ROCKKKKK ???!!!!!!! We RRRR...

Ok will talk in a language you'll understand.....

So on this episode of (BM # 71)...we have song from: Robin Trower / City Boy / Girls School and The Werewolves and a few more.

BTW, we changed the intro & Outro music...it was time for our new season 3.. The new songs are: Still In Love With You-Thin Lizzy and outro song is: Renegade-Thin Lizzy...If anyone was wondering what was the group we played this last season, it was 2 songs from: Black Sabbath.

Intro: Still In Love With You-Thin Lizzy

  1. Once Again-1994
  2. Let Me Out-Girls School
  3. Shout-Hurricane
  4. Need A Little Loving-City Boy
  5. Cancellation-Player
  6. Break Down The Barricade-Toronto
  7. Dreamin'-Groundstar
  8. Martha-Gabriel
  9. Watch-The Bow Street Runners
  10. Flesh Express-The Werewolves
  11. I've Been A Mover-38 Special
  12. Secret Doors-Robin Trower
  13. Rollers-Uriah Heep Outro: Renegade-Thin Lizzy

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