Hellooo Metal Hedzzz...

Ok we have a good rockin' show as always.
We have songs from: Bad Company / 707 / Molly Hatchet and Hurricane Alice....

Intro: Still In Love With You-Thin Lizzy

  1. Wicked World-Sun & Steel
  2. Can't Hold Back-707
  3. Bad To Love-Hurricane Alice
  4. Easy Money-Foghat
  5. Poem-Taproot
  6. It Don't Matter-Ted Nugent
  7. Gold Dust-Spitalfield
  8. Deal With The Preacher-Bad Company
  9. The Strong Will Rock & Roll-Black & Blue
  10. Sweet Lady-Queen
  11. Betrayal-The Black Maria
  12. Voodoo-Michael Stanley Band
  13. Always Darkest-The Heretix
  14. Heart Of My Soul-Molly Hatchet Outro: Renegade-Thin Lizzy

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