HelloooMetal Brinzzzz....

Ok here we go one more time...
We have some great ROCK this time around, but we do every week, or at least were trying...

We have songs from: The Sweet / Legs Diamond / Thin Lizzy and Todd Griffin...

Intro: Still In Love With You-Thin Lizzy

  1. Stage Fright-Legs Diamond
  2. Rock To The Music-Brownsville Station
  3. My Love Is On The Line-Simmonz
  4. That 70's Show theme-Todd Griffin
  5. Steer Clear-Adrian Smith
  6. Doctors Of The Universe-D.N.A.
  7. Warriors-Thin Lizzy
  8. It's Alright-Alliance
  9. Chemistry-Rush
  10. Together & Free-Climax Blues Band
  11. Rock & Roll Woman-The Legends
  12. The Lies In Your Eyes-The Sweet
  13. Violation-Starz
  14. Heartache-Lisa Price Outro: Renegade-Thin Lizzy