Hellooo Metallll Hedzzz.....

Yeah were back for the assult on ROCK !!! and we take NOOOOOO prizzonerzzzz.......Boy that sounds so 80's......

Hi boyz & girlzzzz.....were back with a new show with new / old sounds from the rock era. Including songz from: Helix / Deep Purple / KISS / Queen and Great White and a few more.

So get ready for the rock ride of your livvvezzzzz....lol....just N'joy the songzzzz....

Intro: Still In Love With you-Thin Lizzy

  1. Wont You Rock With Me-Slade
  2. Who Knows What Rock Can Do-Billy Squire
  3. Homemade Love-Journey
  4. Hit Man-Queen
  5. I Got The Message-Z. Z. Top
  6. Plastic Caster-Kiss
  7. The Kids Are Shakin'-Helix
  8. Tonight-Shooting Star
  9. Riding With The Angels-Russ Ballard
  10. All Over Now-Great white
  11. First Movement-Deep Purple
  12. Telling Your Fortune-Chicken Shack
  13. Stray Cat Blues-Johnny Winter
  14. Little Guitars-Van Halen Outro: Renagade-Thin Lizzy