Hellooo Mittalll Hedzzz......

Ready to get reved up againnn.....OK here we goooo....

So on this show we have songzzzzz from: Black Sabbath / Airborne / AC/DC / T-Rex and Hammersmith and a few more....

So grab a hold if you wanna go....

Intro: Still In Love With you-Thin Lizzy

  1. Let The Music Do the Talking-Aerosmith
  2. Can't Get Enough-The Scorpions
  3. Vagabond-Thin Lizzy
  4. Lovely Lady-Brownsville station
  5. Whiskey On The Rocks-AC/DC
  6. Someone To Love-Jefferson Airplane
  7. Sympathy-Uriah Heep
  8. Breaking Down-Hammersmith
  9. New City Lament-Alice Cooper
  10. Cadillac-T-Rex
  11. Shooz-Styx
  12. Slipping Away-Black Sabbath
  13. Are You Alone-Off Broadway USA
  14. Bladie May-Johnny Winter
  15. That's Where My Goes-Airborne Outro: Renegade-Thin Lizzy