Heloooo Metal Heads all over....

Are you ready to rock around the world ?? well today we play songs from groups from various countries.

Songs will be from: Anthem / Thin Lizzy / The Pretty Maids and Trust and a few more.

So here we go for am international spin around the rockin' world.

Intro: Pipeline-Alan Parsons Project

  1. Rock & Roll Stars-Anthem (Japan)
  2. The Rocker-Thin Lizzy (Ireland)
  3. Steel Lord-Hibria (Brazil)
  4. Rock & Roll Is Dead-The Runinoos (USA)
  5. Midnight Dynamite-Diesel Dahl's Tin Drum (Norway)
  6. Better Get Your Mind Made Up-The Flame (South Africa)
  7. Walking On Time-Reckless (Germany)
  8. Motor Of Love-Sherbet (Australia)
  9. Back To Back-The Pretty Maids (Denmark)
  10. Get Your Rocks Off-Manfred Mann's Earth Band (England)
  11. Time-Lunatica (Switzerland)
  12. Give It Time-Bachman, Turner Overdrive (Canada)
  13. Palace-Trust (France)
  14. Tuulemeelne-Ultima Thule (USSR) Outro: House Of The King-Focus

Time Approx: 60 Minutes