Hello Metal Heads all over...

Well ready to rock again ?...Today we have our resident re-occurring guest disc jockey: Tony Johnson....

We have a neat concept for this show..we call it Rough Diamonds. What it is, is playing the original versions of songs you may have heard before on classic rock radio's ect.

Songs will be from: Queen / Black Sabbath / Slade / Ian Lloyd .....and more.

We had a great time making this show, we hope you will enjoy this episode of Basement Metal.

Intro: Opa Loka-Hawkwind

  1. Do You Wanna Touch-Ian Lloyd
  2. New York Groove-Hello
  3. Hush-Joe South
  4. I Love Rock & Roll-The Arrows
  5. Rosalie-Bob Seger
  6. Little Suzi-PH.D
  7. Come On Feel The Noise-Slade
  8. Stone Cold Crazy-Queen
  9. Tell The Truth-Bobby Whitlock
  10. She Don't Know Me-The Grassroots
  11. God Gave Rock & Roll To You-Argent
  12. Girls Just Wanna Have Fun-Robert Hazard
  13. For You-Bruce Springsteen
  14. Changes-Black Sabbath
  15. Black Magic Woman-Fleetwood Mac
  16. Do You Feel Like We Do-Peter Frampton
  17. The Man Who Sold The World-David Bowie Outro: Let It Be-The Living strings

Time Approx: 2 Hours