Hiyo Metalheads and Space dudes....
were going to be rockin' round the universe one more time....

Yes today we have more songs about space, and why not go rock out into space....only in theory ....

So some of the songs will be from: Deep Purple / Dio / Thin Lizzy and Roadmaster.....

So here we go trippin' into outer space again.

Intro: Stargate-Starcastle

  1. R.A.-Utopia
  2. Fighting My Way Back-Thin Lizzy
  3. Higher & Higher-Roadmaster
  4. Get This Thing On The Move-Grand Funk Railroad
  5. True To The Light-Starcastle
  6. Space Truckin'-Deep Purple
  7. Kings Of Speed-Hawkwind
  8. Starship Trooper-Yes (Live)
  9. In Another Land-The Rolling Stones
  10. Seven Stars-Uriah Heep
  11. Hide In A Rainbow-Dio Outro: Nova-Starcastle

Time Approx: 60 Minutes