Hello Metal Heads

This is Metal Replay for the people who didn't catch it the first time.
The reason...We are doing some maintenance work on the Metal file for a week or two so that's why we are doing what we are doing for now, but we will have more new stuff coming very soon. Please be patient. But in the meantime........

This was one of the Space shows we did near the beginning of the series from last year. All songs deal with space, and related.

Songs will be from: The Litter / Deep Purple / Ground Star / Rush and more.

So here we go again into musical outer space.

Intro: Stargate-Star Castle

  1. Days Of The Underground-Hawkwind
  2. Age Of Madness-Jane
  3. Black Night-Deep Purple
  4. Go West Young Man-Genesis
  5. It's All The Same-Ground Star
  6. Time Stands Still-Rush
  7. Neon City-Jo Jo Gunne
  8. Kaleidoscope-The Litter
  9. Time Will Come-Fairchild
  10. Flight Of The Moonglade-John Anderson
  11. Silver Winds-Star Castle
  12. Starcage-Paris
  13. Star Struck-Rainbow
  14. Star Rider-Foreigner
  15. Fireball-Deep Purple Outro: Iron Dream-Hawkwind