Hello Metal Heads.....

Well since the computers are being bad and having time out....we thought we should bring back an older show for this weeks posting. And for the people who didn't hear it the first time around.......plus since it's 50 years since Apollo 11 landed on the moon, we thought of playing a show based on Rock in Space...or close.......

Songs will be from : Eloy / Trooper / Iron Maiden and Boston

So here we go, another trip to Mars..........MOON........

Intro: Stargate-Starcastle

  1. Let Me Down-String Drivin' Thing
  2. Cool The Engines-Boston
  3. Live From The Moon-Trooper
  4. Fazer's On Stun-F.M.
  5. Stranger In A Strange Land-Iron Maiden
  6. Brave New World-Steve Miller Band
  7. Brave New World-The Public Eye
  8. Creatures Of The night-KISS
  9. Master Of Sensation-Eloy
  10. Jack Of Shadows-Hawkwind
  11. Master Of The Land-Siren 12.School Days-Triumirat
  12. Thousand Feet Below You-The Golden Earing Outro: Nova-Starcastle