Hello Metal Bangers all over the world.

Today we have our 4th triple rock show and we have 5 great rockers playing on the show this week.
We have: Blue Oyster Cult / Shooting Star / David Bowie / 38 Special and Black Sabbath....all in one show.

So here we go getting on the road to rock one more time.

Intro: Opa Loka-Hawkwind
38 Special

  1. Ubdercover Lover
  2. Rockin' Into The Night
  3. I'm A Fool For You Shooting Star
  4. Trouble In Paradise
  5. Break Out
  6. Rebel Without A Cause Blue Oyster Cult
  7. Me 262
  8. O D On Life Itself
  9. I Am The Storm Black Sabbath
  10. The Mob Rules
  11. Tomorrow's dream
  12. The Thrill Of It All David Bowie
  13. Watch That Man
  14. Holy, Holy
  15. Fall Dog Bombs The Moon Outro: Iron Dream-Hawkwind

Time Approx: 65 Minutes