Hiyo Metalll Headzz.....

Well it's that time of the month where we present another Triple Rock Jam...

On this show we we present these bands: QUEEN / Eloy / YES / Manfred Mann's Earth Band and Rainbow.

Ready 2 rock we are...

Intro: Warning: Black Sabbath

  1. Rock Fever
  2. L.A. Connection
  3. 16th Century Greensleeves Queen
  4. Put Out The Fire
  5. Misfire
  6. Let Me Live Manfred Mann's Earth Band
  7. Jump Sturdy
  8. I'm Gonna Have You All
  9. I'll Be Gone YES
  10. Astral Traveler
  11. State Of Play
  12. The Messenger ELOY
  13. Between The Times
  14. Mighty Echos
  15. Gallery

Outro: Into The Void-Black Sabbath