As we try top do every week here we go with another show...It's the Triple Rock Jams the 9th show.

On this one, we will play 3 songs from the groups: Kansas / Aerosmith / Grand Funk Railroad / The Sweet and Johnny Winter. So we have some good rockin stuff coming up here.

Intro: Warning: Black Sabbath
The Sweet

  1. Own Up Take a Look At Yourself
  2. It Makes Me Wonder
  3. Need A Lot Of Lovin' Aerosmith
  4. Somebody
  5. Nobody's Fault
  6. Uncle Salty Johnny Winter
  7. Rock & Roll Hootchy Coo
  8. Diving Duck
  9. Roll With Me Grand Funk Railroad
  10. High On A Horse
  11. Pass It Around
  12. Take Me Kansas
  13. Crossfire
  14. Three Pretenders
  15. The Preacher Outro: Into The Void-Black Sabbath