Hellooo Basemteers everywhere...

This is the debut show of a new series we've been planning for a few months, now it's a reality ...This is an experiment that we hope will be a permanent show, but it's here for a while...we call this one (Basement Reggae). So for the people who love Reggae/calypso/Ska music, here's your chance to get your fix.

We really don't know too many outlits anymore where you can get this on the radio or internet, but we guess if you look hard you can find a few, but we present our version of it, so hope you will enjoy our version of Basement Reggae.

Intro: Full Up-The Sound Demention

  1. Loving Woman Is A Waste Of Time-The Duke Of Iron & His Trinidad Calypso Trubadors
  2. Open The Gate Of Zion-The Ethiopian
  3. Glamore Gal-The Ticklers
  4. Desperate Love-Bob Andy
  5. Hill & Gully Ride/Madevill Road-Lord Composure & His Silver Seas Hotel Orchestra
  6. I Don't Want To See You Cry-John Holt
  7. Mama Don't Want No Rice, No Pea's-Lord Lebby & The Calypsonians
  8. Rastaman Chant-Bob Marley
  9. Samson & Delilah-Chins Calypso Sextet
  10. Draw Your Breaks-Scotty
  11. Day Oh-The Wigglers
  12. Sitting In Limbo-Jimmy Cliff
  13. Shake, Shake Sonora-Lord Flea & The Calypsonians
  14. The Tougher-Bunny Wailor
  15. Limbo-Lord Tickler & His Jamacan Calypsonians
  16. Absent From My World-The Stone Fire Band Outro: Reggae Merenque-Tommy McCook & The Supersonics

Time Approx: 60 Minutes