Helloo everyone....

Well this show was the first one we did to start off our Basement Reggae series. It was a first attempt at a show like this.

So on this show we have songs from: The Duke / Bob Marley / Jimmy Cliff and Bob Andy

So here we go again...

Intro: Full Up-The Sound Dimension

  1. Loving Woman Is A Waste Of Time-The Duke
  2. Open The Gate Of Zion-The Ethiopian
  3. Glamour Gal-The Ticklers
  4. Desperate Love-Bob Andy
  5. Hill & Gully Ride / Madevill Road-Lord Composure
  6. I Don't Want To See You Cry-John Holt
  7. Mama Don't Want No Rice, No Peas-Lord Lebby & The Calypsonians
  8. Rastaman Chant-Bob Marley & The Wailers
  9. Samson & Delilah-Chins Calypso Sextet
  10. Draw Your Breaks-Scotty
  11. Day Oh-The Wigglers
  12. Sitting In Limbo-Jimmy Cliff
  13. Shake, Shake, Sonora-Lord Flea & Calypsonians
  14. The Tougher-Bunny Wailer
  15. Limbo-Lord Tickler
  16. Absent From My World-The Stone Fire Band Outro: Reggae Merenque-Tommy McCook & The Supersonics