Hello Reggaeteers all over....

It's just a word for for the people who are tuning in and listening to the show.

Well I don't know why but this show gave me a lot of problems recording this one. This show is the 17th take, just to get the show right, no kidding, There were computer problems, CD machine problems, record problems. and well I walked away 3 times and came back to finish this episode....I almost gave up all together,....but the show goes on, so sorry it's 1 day late, but here we are, all ready for your approval.

Anyway this is our 10th Reggae show so I am going to see if we can make it to 20 and beyond.
We do hope you are enjoying the Reggae concept, I still have more life in the shows ahead.

But for this show we will be featuring groups like: Bunny Wailer / Slyford Walker / Kassave and Jimmy Cliff and a few more.

so let's get the tropical feel onto the internet and start one again.

Intro: Full Up-The Sound Dimension

  1. Arival-Jimmy Cliff
  2. I Ale-Kassav
  3. Times Getting Harder-Itals
  4. Belleza Diablo-Dan Ralke
  5. Chant Down Babalon-Slyford Walker
  6. Jump Nyabinghi-Bob Marley & The Wailers
  7. Funky Kingston-Toots & The Mattals
  8. False Love-The Rhumbateers
  9. The Answer-The Lone Ranger
  10. Fever-Gregory Isaaks & Ronnie Davis
  11. Steal Away Girl-Sugar Minott
  12. Orionoco-Robert Drasin
  13. Hey Love-The Earth Messengers
  14. Searching For Love-Bunny Wailer
  15. Kinkaju-Les Baxter
  16. Don't Throw It All Away-Ed Robinson Outro: Mambo Jambo-Brute Force Steel Band