Here we are again one more time we do an archive check...

So on this show we have music from people like: Rossy / Sabrina Laughlin / Joni Mitchell and Bobby Holcome and more

So here it is an older presentation of Basement Reggae

Intro: Full Up-The sound Dimension

  1. Shakin' It-Ronnie Macintosh
  2. Hawaiian Rogh Riders-Keola Beamer
  3. Message From A Black Man-The Heptones
  4. Porinetia-Bobby Holcome
  5. Dreamland-Joni Mitchell
  6. Darkest Night-James Eastwood
  7. To Piki Tanga-The Wai Patu Party
  8. Heikapua-O. Rataro
  9. Tiare Maohi-Eddie Lund
  10. Terehe-Sabrina Laughlin
  11. Baby We've Got A Date-Bob Marley & The Wailers
  12. Sereana-Volasiga Kei Visailego
  13. South Of Pago Pago-Benjamin Rogers
  14. Tears On My Pillow-Calypso Viberations
  15. If Your Still There-Rossy
  16. Fat Girl-Jason Sweetness & Sah Banton Outro: In The Mood-Perez Parob & Orchestra